Welcome to Derek's Auto Detail and Hand Car Wash

Welcome to Derek's Auto Detail and Hand Car Wash


The following menu is created to best serve you.  The services on our menu do not include taxes, pricing for work vehicles/trucks, vehicles that have been unused for a period of time, and vehicles that require additional prepping and/or cleaning regardless of the specific circumstances.


If you are not finding answers within our menu, we invite you to stop by the Seattle or Redmond location
for a service quote that does best match your goals.


 Business Hours: 

We open for business at 8:00am Monday thru Saturday.

Using a Voucher or Applying a Voucher towards Payment:

You must have a copy of your voucher upon arrival for check-in in order to verifying validity and begin service.
When using a voucher, or applying an expired voucher towards a service, 9.5% tax on the cost of the voucher will be collected along with any other/additional charges not covered by the voucher.

It is our policy that we verify validity and redeem your voucher before we begin service.

DO I NEED A  CHECK-IN TIME (Appointment)?

Full Detail Packages and Details 3+ hours in duration require appointments. 

If you’re interested in a Quick Service Detail, give us a call and we’ll be happy to check availability or to get you scheduled.


YOU MUST HAVE THE VOUCHER UPON ARRIVAL ~ See Using a Voucher or Applying a Voucher towards Payment

~ Arriving late for an appointment will result in rescheduling. ~

Why do I need a Check-In Time?

An appointment allows us time to check you in as well as ensures your assembly line position.
Service may not begin at your scheduled Check-In Time.

Can I show up before my Check-In Time?

Why yes, you can, however, that does not mean we will be able to start it before your scheduled time
~ though we certainly will if we can.

For The Unexpected....


Yup, it happens!  Vomit, fecal matter, urine, and foods that easily spoil unexpectedly end up in our cars.  Please stop by or call the location nearest you and we will do our best to find the time to get you back in shape.  Timing may not allow us to do an entire detail package.
Cost will depend on duration of clean-up.


Size Does Matter:

Car size is pretty direct.  If you have a trunk, no more than 5 seat belts, or your top goes down by the push of a button, you’re likely a car to us.

Mid-size SUVs/Crossovers/Wagons/Small Trucks are vehicles have a cargo space behind the seats including hatchbacks: crossovers; wagons; and small SUV’s.

Large SUV’s/Trucks with Cargo/Vans include trucks of varying sizes that have a cargo area behind a row of seats; minivans; and passenger vans with 8 or fewer seats, and vehicles with a 3rd row of seats.

Don’t See Yourself Fitting In Any of The 3 Size Categories…

Additional information regarding pricing is always available upon inspection.

When vehicles don’t fit into one of the sizes defined above they are determined by other factors such as the amount of seats/rows, or the length (per ft) of a vehicle/boat/RV.  Work vehicles/commercial vehicles are priced by condition and duration of service.  Work/commercial vehicles do not fall into a menu size and are NOT covered by ANY voucher special offered.

Work vehicles are vehicles that are used for commercial use. 

Vans in excess of 8 of seats will be priced according to time considering such factors as condition, service, and duration. 



What happens when your vehicle is done?

After Your Service is Complete:

It is our intention to give you a call as soon as your vehicle is complete.  There are times we find it challenging to get an outgoing line.  Please feel free to give us a call and check on your vehicles status.
Please be mindful that calling repeatedly may be contributing to the difficulty in having an outgoing line.

Thanks for your understanding!

Accepted Forms of Payment:

We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo, and of course good ole’ fashioned Cash.

9.5% tax will be collected on ALL transactions.

Picking Up a Vehicle Post Service:

Pick-ups must happen by 6:30pm unless other arrangements have been confirmed.  Please make sure that we have all the communication contacts necessary in order for us return your vehicle as soon as possible.
If you have questions regarding pick-ups and your schedule, please reach out to an associate.
Vehicles that are left in our care overnight will incur a fee of $20 each night.

Post Detail Care:

You may have had your vehicle shampooed and it may still be drying out.  Remember, it’s the trapped moist air that could result in mildew so be sure to leave your windows cracked, and when possible, have the heat blowing in the direction of the moist area(s).


Derek’s Auto Detail and Hand Car Wash will invoke the right to reserve service at their discretion.

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